I am the audience coordinator for Good Luck Charlie! I have been the coordinator for all 4 seasons. To make it easier on fans and scheduling, we are doing all of the reservations directly with all of the fans who would like to see a taping.

Unfortunately, we can not have every fan attend the live taping and sit in the audience, there just isn’t enough room. We are too popular and its all because of you the fans! The entire show wants to thank you for being fans and making GLC the most popular series on the Disney Channel of all time! Good Luck Charlie is on the Sunday nights at 8pm on the Disney Channel.

I have set up the website for fans to enter into a random lottery drawing for tickets. The tickets are free and have no value, can not be auctioned or sold.

Each week, I estimate how many extra seats we have in our live studio audience. I usually know how many seats we need to be filled with fans the week of.

I book some guests a week or two prior to the taping. I also book people on the week of the taping. Each show is different in how many general public people can attend. So sometimes it’s the night before, if you are local, or sometimes on the Wednesday prior to the taping.

I have included in the site where we are located, general rules for the studio, and also frequently asked questions.

This may be possibly our last season, rumors are swirling that we will have more episodes for a 5th season. I will not know what the new schedule looks like, if any, for a couple of more months.

We have our tapings on Friday nights each week. We have also added Thursdays as an additional audience day to bring in more fans! Thursdays are not an actual audience live show night. On Thursdays we will be bringing in small groups for studio tours of the set and to watch some scenes being shot live from 3pm-6pm.

Complete the forms linked on the “reservations” page and good luck! Add a small note into the reservations form with any special instructions or why you should be chosen to come in for the live taping!


Thank you all again,

Dave Glowacki - Audience Coordinator “Good Luck Charlie”

May 25, 2013

DISCLAIMER: All taping dates subject to change or cancellation without notice and are not guaranteed. We will do our best to notify attendees as expeditiously as possible. We reserve the right to not admit any ticket holder.